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Re: Freeze exception for tmw 0.0.25

Patrick Matthäi <patrick.matthaei@web.de> writes:
> Marc 'HE' Brockschmidt schrieb:
>> patrick.matthaei@web.de writes:
>>> Currently in Lenny is tmw and in sid (new upload)
>> Sorry, that's a feature release and there are no important bugs
>> fixed. So, no.
> Yes there are some new little features, but:
> r4440: It reverts an incorrect patch
> r4442: Remember windows visibility, in my eyes it's a new feature but it
> was fixes some times ago but it brokes..
> r4448: It's a bugfix, the dialogs look sometimes very ugly without it.
> r4451: Missing documentation fixed.

None of these is important. The doc fix could go in, but I'm not sure
that it's worth your effort.

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