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Re: RM: pyclutter/unstable -- ROM; Breaks migration of Clutter 0.8

* Ross Burton [Mon, 28 Jul 2008 12:19:11 +0100]:

> Hi release dudes,

Hello, Ross.

> So, testing currently contains Clutter 0.6 and unstable contains Clutter
> 0.8, apart from pyclutter which is still stuck at 0.6 (upstream
> problems).  We'd like to see Clutter 0.8 be part of Lenny so propose
> that pyclutter 0.6 be removed from unstable and testing.  This should
> let clutter, clutter-cairo, clutter-gst, clutter-gtk, clutter-perl 0.8
> migrate into testing and then Lenny.

> Does this sound feasible?  Nothing in the archive depends on Clutter as
> yet so this shouldn't have any knock-on consequences.

Yes, if your opinion as the maintainer of pyclutter is that lenny is
better off with clutter 0.8 than pyclutter 0.6, then we can do that.

Since uploads of the packages you mention above arrived in time, I'll
take care of having them migrated when they're ready.


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