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RM: pyclutter/unstable -- ROM; Breaks migration of Clutter 0.8

Hi release dudes,

So, testing currently contains Clutter 0.6 and unstable contains Clutter
0.8, apart from pyclutter which is still stuck at 0.6 (upstream
problems).  We'd like to see Clutter 0.8 be part of Lenny so propose
that pyclutter 0.6 be removed from unstable and testing.  This should
let clutter, clutter-cairo, clutter-gst, clutter-gtk, clutter-perl 0.8
migrate into testing and then Lenny.

Does this sound feasible?  Nothing in the archive depends on Clutter as
yet so this shouldn't have any knock-on consequences.

(please keep me and rob in CC, we're not on the list)

Ross Burton                                 mail: ross@burtonini.com
                                          jabber: ross@burtonini.com
                                           www: http://burtonini.com

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