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OpenJDK for lenny

So, we are late with OpenJDK for lenny. I still think lenny would
benefit from having OpenJDK. I'm proposing the following steps,
realizing that not all of them probably can be realized.

 - The current 6b11-2 package is not yet ready for migration. We will
   need a -3 upload which properly will fix build issues, and adds
   ports for alpha, mips, mipsel and m68k. s390 support is pending
   some build issues (Bastian Blank is working on those).

 - Upload a -3, which should be a candidate for testing. If the s390
   bits are not yet ready, have an opportunity to upload a -4.
   The current status can be seen in the repository.

 - At this point we'll have OpenJDK VM with a JIT (amd64, i386, sparc)
   and an interpreter (alpha, armel, ia64, mips, mipsel, m68k,
   powerpc, s390). The intrepreter is good for building stuff, but
   runtime performance ...

 - Allow tzdata to build a tzdata-java package; the openjdk-6 is
   prepared to use the data from tzdata-java (which comes in a
   different file format). With this openjdk-6 doesn't have to be
   updated for new timeezone data.

 - Allow a java-common update to build default-* for alpha, pointing
   to openjdk-6.

 - Allow cacao-oj6 (currently in NEW) into testing. This just uses
   the same packaging as openjdk-6, but uses the cacao JIT for alpha
   and powerpc (and amd64, i386, maybe mips*). This adds a usable
   runtime for these two architectures. Sources and packaging are the
   same as openjdk-6 (and cacao).

 - Allow java-common to point the default-* for the hotspot JIT archs
   (amd64, i386, sparc) to point to openjdk-6.
   This only should be done if a rebuild test of the archive is

 - Allow java-common to point the default-* for the cacao JIT archs
   (alpha, powerpc) to point to cacao-oj6.

We won't have a openjdk-6 for arm and hppa; I'm currently not aware of
a working jdk on these architectures to build openjdk-6 or cacao-oj6.


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