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Re: Bug#459324: gnome-main-menu: Official upstream release (0.9.10) available, fixing several memory leaks

Julian Andres Klode <jak@jak-linux.org> writes:
> Marc 'HE' Brockschmidt wrote:
>> Julian Andres Klode <jak@jak-linux.org> writes:
>>> Altough Lenny is frozen, I think it would still be a good idea
>>> to get this version into Lenny.
>>> The reasons:
>>> - The current version is based on an 1.5 years old (2007-04-30)
>>>   SVN snapshot
>> What about "freeze" did you not understand? Rejected.
> How about backporting the fixes for the severity:important bugs, memory leaks¹,
> and translations?

Translations shouldn't be a problem, but for the rest, you shouldn't
count on approval if the fixes are very complex.

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