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Re: Philadelphia BSP


Matthew Rosewarne wrote:
> Elizabeth Bevilacqua and I have been planning a BSP in Philadelphia on August 
> 2nd.  We would like to coordinate with the release team (as recommended in the 
> last release update) to achieve maximum squashery.  It would be great to get 
> the word out about the event, though I will need to know roughly how many I 
> can expect to attend.

Some BSPs have very few (3-5) and some have rather much attendants (>
20). It all depends on who likes to come :-)

> Details of the event:
>   Date: Saturday August 2nd (might be possible to change if necessary)

That date is rather unfortunate as Debcamp starts on Sunday so I guess
many people will be preparing travel or will be traveling already...

>   Time: TBD
>   Location: 22nd Street and Benjamin Franklin Parkway
>             Philadelphia, PA, 19130
>   Transportation: SEPTA train service to Suburban station
>                     from Suburban, 15 min. walk or free private bus loop
>                   Private parking, no charge but very limited space
>                   Car pick-up might be possible
>   Wheelchair-accessible
>   Food and drink provided (but contributions welcome!), alcohol optional
>   No smoking inside
>   Some overnight accommodation may be possible

You might want to start a wiki page linked from
http://wiki.debian.org/BSPMarathonLenny and we could mention your BSP in
the next 'Bits of the Release Team' if we get a bit more of advance
warning :-)

Note that it's also important to make sure people who cannot attend can
still participate in the (online) BSP, normally we use #debian-bugs on
OFTC as a channel to coordinate bug squashing during BSPs...

Don't hesitate to ask for more clarifications or help.



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