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Philadelphia BSP

Elizabeth Bevilacqua and I have been planning a BSP in Philadelphia on August 
2nd.  We would like to coordinate with the release team (as recommended in the 
last release update) to achieve maximum squashery.  It would be great to get 
the word out about the event, though I will need to know roughly how many I 
can expect to attend.

I ("mukidohime" or "mukido") will be hanging around in #debian-release, but 
also can usually be found as in #debian-kde and #debian-qt-kde.  Both 
Elizabeth ("pleia2") and I are usually in #plug on FreeNode.

Details of the event:

  Date: Saturday August 2nd (might be possible to change if necessary)
  Time: TBD
  Location: 22nd Street and Benjamin Franklin Parkway
            Philadelphia, PA, 19130
  Transportation: SEPTA train service to Suburban station
                    from Suburban, 15 min. walk or free private bus loop
                  Private parking, no charge but very limited space
                  Car pick-up might be possible
  Food and drink provided (but contributions welcome!), alcohol optional
  No smoking inside
  Some overnight accommodation may be possible

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