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Re: Please unblock nano 2.0.7-3

* Jordi Mallach [Thu, 24 Jul 2008 21:07:34 +0200]:

> Hi,

Hi Jordi,

> I'm requesting a freeze exception for nano 2.0.7-3, when current in
> lenny is 2.0.7-1.

Ok; nano is not frozen because of the freeze (yet), but just because it
produces an udeb. Thanks for the detailed explanations, though :), CCing
-boot to get an ack.

>  * -2 was uploaded on July 3rd to fix two important bugs that caused
>    segfaults or freezes in nano.

>  * -3 was uploaded with an extra patch to solve a FTBFS due to missing 
>    arguments to open() in a pair of bits of the code.

> Relevant changelog entries:

>    * debian/patches/ja_help_freeze.patch: apply patch from Mitsuya Shibata
>      to fix an endless loop when displaying help using a Japanese locale.
>      (fixes LP #201769).
>    * debian/patches/small_window_sigsegv.patch: apply patch from SVN to
>      fix a segfault when running nano on a too small terminal terminal.
>    * Add patch open_flags.patch to add mode parametre to open() to solve a
>      FTBFS in Ubuntu 8.10, compiled with -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 (LP: 247692).

> The first two patches have been in unstable for 3 weeks and have not
> caused any new bug reports. The third patch should be trivial and has
> been in unstable for nearly 2 weeks, and has not brought up any new
> issues neither on unstable or Ubuntu intrepid.

> If nobody objects, having in mind nano does affect Debian installer via
> an updated nano-udeb, I'd like to see these cherrypicked patches in lenny.


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