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Re: l10n update for openssl

Christoph Martin wrote:
> Hi Luk,
> Luk Claes schrieb:
>> Christoph Martin wrote:
>>> Hi release team,
>> Hi Christoph
>>> The l10n team asked for a new upload of openssl to include the pending
>>> l10n updates. All  the changes for this packages were checked  in into
>>> alioth.
>>> Would you consider letting in a new Debian release of openssl including
>>> the last security fix which was NMUd, some cosmetical lintian fixes and
>>> the l10n updates?
>> Yes, we would consider it. Please prod us again for the actual
>> unblocking, TIA.
> Ok. The upload happened last week. It will take some more days for the
> autobuilders to catch up. Please unblock openssl when you think it is
> appropriate.




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