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imminent 2.6.26 sid upload

latest 2.6.25 stable release is in testing, we expect to keep it as backup
plan for lenny.  release team wishes to have unstable coverage of 2.6.26
before final ack on that release.

the current release blocker is the linux-libc-dev patch by
waldi that is reviewed by vorlon to keep the lenny build chain stable.

shortlist of 2.6.26 features:
* ro bind mounts, udf 2.50
* kgdb, kvm archs, better wireless drivers, uvcvideo
* olpc, ps3 support
* upstream coordination with xen and opevnz
* lots of fixed 2.6.25 x86 regressions
* request_firmware() work reenabling ip3, acenic and keyspan
* arm, mips fixes
* closing bunch of x86 regressions

thanks to all


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