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Re: openafs in etchnhalf

dann frazier <dannf@debian.org> writes:

> True. I tried to come up with some clever ways of manipulating m-a to do
> the right thing, but didn't come up with anything great.  One option
> might be to populate a subdirectory of /usr/src -
> e.g. /usr/src/etchnhalf and ask users to set the MODULE_LOC variable?
> Not ideal, but it might work (haven't tested it).
> I should also note that the stable release team is aiming for a 4.0r4
> real soon, and that is the planned vehicle for etch and a half so
> there's not much time left to get new packages in - maybe already too
> late. If there's enough interest, it might be worth looking into doing
> a set in a future point release. Either way, it would be good to know
> how to do it.

I'm certainly happy to follow whatever standard that people arrive at that
works, but unfortunately I don't have a lot of time to try to help propose
and develop the standard and test the implications.  It may end up being
somewhat moot anyway since we have at least one report that a new kernel
module does indeed require a new openafs-client -- I'm going to check with
upstream about that.

Russ Allbery (rra@debian.org)               <http://www.eyrie.org/~eagle/>

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