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Unblock brltty


I'd like to request that brltty be unblocked so that
3.10~r3724-1 can go into Lenny.

Background: BRLTTY 3.10 (unreleased yet) adds support
for Unicode consoles.  This is pretty important to braille users,
since it allows for more i18n and direct support for braille patterns in
normal UTF-8 text (the unicode braille row, see my sig for an example).

We've discussed using a prerelease snapshot of 3.10 on our
debian-accessibility mailing list, and have given the prerelease
snapshots some testing in experimental before uploading to unstable.

At this point, we are sure we want to use 3.10 for Lenny instead of keeping
with 3.9.  Upstream is involved in this process, and has agreed to
speed up the release process so that we eventually might
even release with an official version, instead of using a svn snapshot.

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