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Re: gnupg vs lenny

Hi Sune,

Replying purely from the D-I point of view.

Sune Vuorela wrote:
> Some of you have probably already noticed that I recently took over
> maintainership of gnupg.
> gnupg produces a udeb and gnupg is frozen. So I am asking; how big changes
> am I allowed to do and still getting it into lenny?

Currently all packages that produce udebs are blocked by default. This has 
two reasons:
- udebs are currently not fully supported by britney and need some manual
  handholding to migrate
- in some cases migrations of a package with a udeb could break the current
  release of D-I in testing, which we like to avoid

This means that the reasons for the "freeze" are mostly technical and not to 
limit the kind of changes allowed. In general you should just follow the 
guidelines of the release team when it comes to what changes are / are no 
longer allowed, based on the type and importance of the package.

> But it all depends on what you would accept in lenny and by which dates it
> should be ready. Using experimental to prepare it is definately a option.

I'll leave the reply for this to the RT.

When it comes to the udebs, it would be good to keep the following in mind:
- the main things to watch out for for udebs are:
  - (significant) changes in size: smaller is fine, larger is not
  - changes in dependencies
- debhelper has excellent support for udebs and will mostly just do the
  right thing
- there are some special considerations for library udebs, but as gnupg does
  not have those that's not relevant here
- if you ever have any questions regarding the packaging of the udeb, feel
  free to contact us either on the debian-boot list or on IRC (#debian-boot)


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