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gnupg vs lenny

Dear release team (and probably also d-i release people following this at 

Some of you have probably already noticed that I recently took over 
maintainership of gnupg.

gnupg produces a udeb and gnupg is frozen. So I am asking; how big changes am 
I allowed to do and still getting it into lenny?

There is a lot of low-hanging bug fixes that could be applied.

There is new upstream versions with several bug fixes included there as well. 
Including some fixes to not make gnupg take up gigabytes of memory when 
hitting customized signatures.

I would also like to redo the packaging to make it use this new thing called 
debhelper instead of constructs like:

| find debian/tmp/ -type f | xargs file | grep ELF | cut -d: -f 1 | xargs 
| dpkg-shlibdeps 

But it all depends on what you would accept in lenny and by which dates it 
should be ready. Using experimental to prepare it is definately a option.

How might I do for turning on a SIMM from the control tools menu inside 
Windows 8.2?

From ICQ NT you should configure a folder to debug the 3D case on the GUI.

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