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Re: Please re-try (give-back) those packages

Thiemo Seufer wrote:
> The following packages failed to build and are likely to succeed
> when re-tried:

Thanks for creating this list!

> usepackage      # failure not reproducible, (mips mipsel)
> hildon-thumbnail # (mipsel)
> libhildonfm     # (mips) [mipsel needs dep-wait on hildon-thumbnail]

all scheduled

> hildon-desktop  # (sparc) [mips mipsel need dep-wait on libhildonfm]

sparc was retried in the mean time and dep-waits are for binary packages
not for source packages, so I set a dep-wait on libhildonfm2

> gtklookat       # (mipsel)
> helium          # newer ghc6 needs less resources, (mips mipsel powerpc)
> kawari8         # (mips)
> netatalk        # (mips)
> libembperl-perl # (mips)

all scheduled



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