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Re: binNMUs for libffi4 removal

Josselin Mouette <joss@debian.org> writes:
> since pygobject version 2.14.1-3, reverse dependencies shouldn't get a
> gratuitous dependency on libffi anymore. Still, there are some remaining
> packages that depend on libffi4. Now that this package is being removed,
> it is necessary to rebuild them.
> Therefore, can anyone schedule the following binNMUs ?

I've scheduled binNMUs for chatplus chicken exaile gnome-python-extras
guile-gnome-platform listen medit nautilus-python notify-python papaya
pygoocanvas pygtksourceview quodlibet sablevm squeak-vm streamtuner
virt-manager vte. 
Those should remove the spurious deps and transition everything else to

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