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Re: pending libclamav transition

This one time, at band camp, Stephen Gran said:
> Hi all,
> Upstream has changed the soname of libclamav in the new version being
> released today.  This change affects, at a quick glance, the following
> packages:
> sylpheed-claws-clamav
> python-clamav
> php5-clamavlib
> klamav
> havp
> gurlchecker
> dansguardian
> avscan
> Is there any objection to me uploading, or should I hold off?  This
> version will contain a security fix, but if an upload will break or
> block an ongoing transition, I would be willing to upload a targeted fix
> first followed shortly thereafter by the new upstream version (which
> will get stuck in NEW, anyway).

Since I heard nothing back, I uploaded, and it is now out of NEW.  I
expect binNMUs to FTBFS, so I'm not sure if it's worth asking for them -
I've pinged all the maintainers, but so far exactly one has replied.

Advice?  Is it better to just queue the binNMUs so that at least we know
if they FTBFS?  I tend to think yes, although it does seem a little

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