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Re: lua-gtk transition

On 29/04/2008, Enrico Tassi wrote:
> The package lua-gtk used to compile (but not run properly) on many
> architectures. I've restricted the package only on architectures where
> it compiles and run properly (i387 and amd64). The version in unstable
> is 10 days old, and it fixes an RC bug, but It will not move to testing
> since it results out-of-date on alpha, arm, mips and s390. Could you
> please remove from testing lua-gtk debs for these architectures?

Hi Enrico.

According to rmadison:
| liblua5.1-gtk-0 |      0.7-2 |       testing | alpha, amd64, arm, i386, mips, s390
| liblua5.1-gtk-0 |      0.7-2 |      unstable | alpha, arm, mips, s390
| liblua5.1-gtk-0 | 0.8+20080418-1 |      unstable | amd64, i386

You need to request the removal of the unstable packages for those
archs, see http://wiki.debian.org/ftpmaster_Removals for verbose info.


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