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Re: Please coordinate changes to debconf templates

Quoting Luk Claes (luk@debian.org):
> Christian Perrier wrote:
> > (reply to -devel, please)
> You fail to explain why this is send to the debian-release list...
> What do you expect from us?

From the release team: nothing.

From maintainers and developers who read -release to get
news/info/whatever about the best way for all of us to release lenny:
some bits of attention.

I just feel like this is related to the release (maintainers getting
their packages in shape, then recommendation I feel like being
interesting for them, blah blah).

Are you suggesting this is misusing the -release list, Luk?

I'm perfectly aware this is not meant to be a discussion list but a
convienient way to contact the Release team(s). However, experience of
past releases also shows this is a place that seems to be well
followed to motivated package maintainers.

(in such case, a reply to this post should go to -devel of course...:-)

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