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Re: Request to include Debian Med meta packages _after_ freeze


On Monday 21 April 2008 14:23, Andreas Tille wrote:
>    Rationale:
>    The meta packages are builded using the cdd-dev toolkit that verifies
>    the available packages in a given distribution.  A list of packages
>    that is specifies in so called tasks files for each meta package is
>    parsed and it is verified that the packages really exist in the target
>    distribution (in this case it would be "Lenny").  In case the package
>    is available in Lenny a package is added as "Recommends" if not it
>    is decreased to "Suggests" to make the meta package installable and
>    fullfil the Realease goal to have all Recommends resolved.
>    Because before the freese of packages some packages might be added
>    to or removed from testing so it makes no sense to build the final
>    Debian Med meta packages before the freeze.  That's why I would like
>    to build the Debian Med source that produces the med-* meta packages
>    right after the freeze.
> What do you think about this?

The same is true for the packages build from the debian-edu source package, so 
I would like to hear the RMs opinion about this as well.

Thanks to Andreas for bringing this up.


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