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Request to include Debian Med meta packages _after_ freeze


I just want to hear Release managers opinion about my idea to include
Debian Med packages into testing after the package pool is froozen.

  The meta packages are builded using the cdd-dev toolkit that verifies
  the available packages in a given distribution.  A list of packages
  that is specifies in so called tasks files for each meta package is
  parsed and it is verified that the packages really exist in the target
  distribution (in this case it would be "Lenny").  In case the package
  is available in Lenny a package is added as "Recommends" if not it
  is decreased to "Suggests" to make the meta package installable and
  fullfil the Realease goal to have all Recommends resolved.

  Because before the freese of packages some packages might be added
  to or removed from testing so it makes no sense to build the final
  Debian Med meta packages before the freeze.  That's why I would like
  to build the Debian Med source that produces the med-* meta packages
  right after the freeze.

What do you think about this?

Please keep the debian-med mailing list in CC.  (Debian-edu is in this
mail in CC as well, because I would regard the same approach reasonable
for Debian Edu, but I leave it to you to drop this CC or not.  The archive
might serve as a reasonable source of information as well.)

Kind regards and thanks for working on the Debian Release



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