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suitesparse/lam/hdf5 transitions

The suitesparse transition apparently got in the way of two other
transitions: lam (lam42c -> lam4) and hdf5 (libhdf5-1.6.5 -> libhdf5-1.6.6).
This involves a quite large number of packages, including important ones
like Octave and friends, as well as OpenOffice.org.  I hoped I am wrong and
each transition could be done separately, but I doubt it.

I cannot even tell which packages are currently blocking this jumbo
transition.  For sure, I know of petsc, which FTBFS mysteriously on hppa,
besides lam itself that FTBFS on ia64 with an ICE.

Is there a way to make a partial transition by removing some packages
temporarily from testing?


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