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Re: /intro/organization and general Release Team vs. stable Release Team

On Tue, Apr 08, 2008 at 01:01:19PM +0200, Gerfried Fuchs wrote:
>  There are these <member> prefixes and I saw that we also have an
> <assistant> prefix so maybe pulling the Assistants into the same entry
> with the Release Managers would work, too? Should Release Managers be
> changed to Release Team so it's not confusing that the assistents are
> listed in the same line, and maybe a new tag <manager> added? Something
> like the following would propably work:

>  Release Team --
>      manager Andreas Barth
>      manager Luk Claes
>      assistant Joey Hess
>      assistant Adeodato Simó
>      assistant Marc Brockschmidt
>      assistant Martin Zobel-Helas
>      assistant Philipp Kern
>      assistant Neil McGovern
>      assistant Pierre Habouzit
>  Release Team for ``stable'' --
>      manager Andreas Barth
>      manager Martin Zobel-Helas
>      assistant Julien Danjou
>      assistant Dann Frazier
>      assistant Luk Claes
>      assistant Neil McGovern
>      assistant Philipp Kern
>   Release Wizard --
>      current Steve Langasek

>  Please discuss and tell me of your conclusions afterwards, I have
> neither a strong opinion on how to change it, wether a change is
> neccessary nor am I part of any Release Team. I'm willing to change it
> in any direction you might find useful as long as you can all live with
> it. :)  There is no need to Cc me before a concensus has reached, I'm
> not subscribed but would maybe scan through the web archive just in
> case.

(cc:ing you because I'm suggesting a change that may involve some wml-age)

How about a 'wizard' tag too, to pull me in under "Release Team" instead of
giving me a whole section of my own?  Or else feel free to just list me as
'assistant' instead of 'wizard' anyway, as far as I'm concerned.

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