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/intro/organization and general Release Team vs. stable Release Team


 aba made me aware of that the Release Management could go well with a
link to release.debian.org so I added it. While doing so I noticed that
the whole thing looks a bit chaotic:

Release Managers -- 
Release Managers for ``stable'' -- 
Release Assistants -- 
Release Assistants for ``stable'' -- 
Release Wizard -- 

 I would think logical putting the corresponding Assistants next to the
Release Managers would gain a lot, though that might make it maybe look
chaotic in a different way.

 There are these <member> prefixes and I saw that we also have an
<assistant> prefix so maybe pulling the Assistants into the same entry
with the Release Managers would work, too? Should Release Managers be
changed to Release Team so it's not confusing that the assistents are
listed in the same line, and maybe a new tag <manager> added? Something
like the following would propably work:

 Release Team --
     manager Andreas Barth
     manager Luk Claes
     assistant Joey Hess
     assistant Adeodato Simó
     assistant Marc Brockschmidt
     assistant Martin Zobel-Helas
     assistant Philipp Kern
     assistant Neil McGovern
     assistant Pierre Habouzit
 Release Team for ``stable'' --
     manager Andreas Barth
     manager Martin Zobel-Helas
     assistant Julien Danjou
     assistant Dann Frazier
     assistant Luk Claes
     assistant Neil McGovern
     assistant Philipp Kern
  Release Wizard --
     current Steve Langasek

 Please discuss and tell me of your conclusions afterwards, I have
neither a strong opinion on how to change it, wether a change is
neccessary nor am I part of any Release Team. I'm willing to change it
in any direction you might find useful as long as you can all live with
it. :)  There is no need to Cc me before a concensus has reached, I'm
not subscribed but would maybe scan through the web archive just in

 So long,

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