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Re: removal of vips and nip2 from testing

Jay Berkenbilt wrote:
> Vips and nip2 were removed from testing.  This was in the automated
> email:
>>  Previous version: 7.12.5-3
>>  Current version:  (not in testing)
>>  Hint: <http://ftp-master.debian.org/testing/hints/aba>
>>    #20080329
>>    # vips FTBFS. #474405
> and looking at the hints file, it appears that the script accurately
> captured the reason.
> The FTBFS bug report was only a day old when this happened, and I
> uploaded a fix for it the same day that I received the bug report.  It
> seems a bit extreme to me to have these packages removed from testing
> for a FTBFS bug that was just a day old.  Is this becoming a new
> practice, or were there extenuating circumstances such as vips being
> involved in an openexr transition and someone looking for blockers,
> seeing the FTBFS bug, and taking quick action without looking at the
> circumstances?  Or was this really the best thing to do to get a
> transition through in any case?

Yes, this was a bit extreme. No, it was not without looking at the
circumstances. Yes, this was really the best thing to do to get the
transition through.



PS: Thanks for the interest in the issue and thanks for fixing the bug
already, so your packages will migrate soon.

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