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removal of vips and nip2 from testing

Vips and nip2 were removed from testing.  This was in the automated

>  Previous version: 7.12.5-3
>  Current version:  (not in testing)
>  Hint: <http://ftp-master.debian.org/testing/hints/aba>
>    #20080329
>    # vips FTBFS. #474405

and looking at the hints file, it appears that the script accurately
captured the reason.

The FTBFS bug report was only a day old when this happened, and I
uploaded a fix for it the same day that I received the bug report.  It
seems a bit extreme to me to have these packages removed from testing
for a FTBFS bug that was just a day old.  Is this becoming a new
practice, or were there extenuating circumstances such as vips being
involved in an openexr transition and someone looking for blockers,
seeing the FTBFS bug, and taking quick action without looking at the
circumstances?  Or was this really the best thing to do to get a
transition through in any case?

I fully understand that people who make these decisions have a lot of
work to do and may occasionally make errors in judgment, so if that's
what this turns out to be, I'm not criticizing anyone.  I just want to
understand whether immediate removal from testing upon reporting of an
FTBFS bug is something I can expect in the future or whether there's
anything I could have done to prevent this from having happened.  (I
feel that I responded to the bug in a timely enough fashion.)  As a
responsible maintainer who takes care of problems quickly, I'll admit
to being somewhat annoyed by this action.  At the same time, it may
work to my advantage in the end since it will make the current vips
and nip2 transition more easily.

Thanks for any explanation you can provide.


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