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Autobuilders weird failures

I do not know whether this is the right place for complaining, but:

I am getting to desperation mode with the autobuilders.  The plplot package
FTBFS on four architectures (i386 [1], mips [2], mipsel [3], and s390 [4]),
all with the same error message:

    The following packages have unmet dependencies:
      octave3.0-headers: Depends: octave3.0 (= 1:3.0.0-9) but it is not going to be installed

However, octave3.0 1:3.0.0-9 exists on all four arches [5].

Does anyone know what is going on?
[1] http://buildd.debian.org/fetch.cgi?pkg=plplot&arch=i386&ver=5.9.0-5&stamp=1206712463&file=log&as=raw
[2] http://buildd.debian.org/fetch.cgi?pkg=plplot&arch=mips&ver=5.9.0-5&stamp=1206717889&file=log&as=raw
[3] http://buildd.debian.org/fetch.cgi?pkg=plplot&arch=mipsel&ver=5.9.0-5&stamp=1206712075&file=log&as=raw
[4] http://buildd.debian.org/fetch.cgi?pkg=plplot&arch=s390&ver=5.9.0-5&stamp=1206721512&file=log&as=raw
[5] http://packages.debian.org/sid/octave3.0


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