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Re: Give back petsc [was: Re: Suitesparse transition]

* Adam C Powell IV <hazelsct@debian.org> [2008-03-20 16:06]:

> I uploaded new spooles and petsc this morning.  Spooles has built
> successfully on arm.  petsc was tried on hppa, but failed because of
> missing lam.  lam has not failed on hppa, but 7.1.2-1.3 has not been
> attempted; same with armel.

Thanks for your effort.

> When the hppa and armel autobuilders build lam, then they should be able
> to build spooles and petsc as well, unblocking suitesparse.

We will still have to sort out the shogun buildd problems.

> One other note: libmesh and petsc4py may need to be rebuilt after petsc
> goes in, didn't see those on your igloo.  Let me know if you want to
> bin-NMU them; otherwise I will see about fixing a couple of libmesh bugs
> and upload.

I did not bother including libmesh, ninix-aya, python-mvpa, and
python-petsc4py in the igloo url because these packages have already entered


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