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Re: Bug#455135: NMU uploaded

[Stefano Zacchiroli]
> But you can't upload like that, at least use a delayed queue by 1 or
> 2 days.

Sure he can.  It is stated policy for release goals.

If you do not want an NMU to solve a release goal bug, I believe you
need to reply to BTS with a statement explaining why.  We can use
0-day NMUs to solve release goals, and I believe this is a good thing,
to have any hope of completing the release goals in time.

There is no way people working on solving release goals are going to
keep track of all the reasons for not doing a NMU, so the maintainer
need to inform about this with a reply to the BTS.  At least I try to
take such comments into account when NMUing to solve release goals.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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