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binNMUs to keep haskell packages in sync

Hi release team,

haskell libraries have the unfortunate requirement to need exactly the
version of dependencies installed that they were built against. So
binary dependencies are fixed (==) to the version that was installed
during installation.

Currently, we also fix the build-dependencies, to keep the packages in
sync across different arches, and do sourceful uploads of all depending
package when we upgrade a library. I don’t like this situation, and I’m
wondering if we could not do binNMUs to keep the packages in sync.

I’m also guessing that not having strict build-dependencies might make
work easier for releasing or security updates, but that’s just guesswork
on my side :-)

So my question to you is: Would it be acceptable if there were regular
binNMU requests for haskell libraries?

I assume we can format them in any format you like and need to make this
effort as little as possible for you.


PS: Please answer to both lists, I’m only subscribed to one.

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