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Re: proposal of release goal: buildability with future gcc versions

On 24/01/08 at 01:42 +0100, Matthias Klose wrote:
> I did upgrade all reports mentioned in [2] to severity `important'. My
> current plan is to make gcc-4.3/g++-4.3 the default compiler once the
> gcc-4_3-release branch is created, for all architectures where we had
> sucessful rebuilds with GCC-4.3 as the default compiler.  These bug
> reports will be raised to severity `serious' at this time.

Hi Matthias,

What's your definition for a "successful rebuild with gcc-4.3"? Even on
i386, there are still a lot of packages that build fine with gcc-4.2,
but fail to build with gcc-4.3.

Also, does your plan include a move to gcj-4.3 as well?
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