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Re: hint for vice/1.22-2

On Sat, Jan 12, 2008 at 09:26:59PM +0100, Laszlo Boszormenyi wrote:

> Please hint vice 1.22-2 into testing, it's blocked by s390 and sparc. As
> none of them in the
> archs field for now, it is ready for migration.

That's not how hinting works.  You need to sort out with the porters why
these packages should be excluded on these architectures, and once agreement
is reached get the old binaries removed from unstable by filing a bug
against ftp.debian.org.

But that seems unlikely to happen, since you've removed s390 and sparc from
the architecture list for this package for reasons completely unrelated to
portability.  If you need help getting action taken regarding a wrong
dep-wait on a buildd, please ask debian-release -- but don't just decide to
stop supporting an architecture.  "Packages must be supported on as many
architectures as is reasonably possible", per the RC bug policy, and I see
no reason to think that it's unreasonable to support this package on sparc.

s390 may be a different matter since the package has been marked
"Not-for-us" (grumble) by the buildd maintainer; but the binary still has to
be removed from unstable to let the package propagate naturally into

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