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Re: Some possible binNMU requests

Hi Kumar,

On Sun, Jan 06, 2008 at 09:19:51PM +0530, Kumar Appaiah wrote:

> While just going through some piuparts failure logs in sid, I came
> across some breakages which could be sorted out with binNMUs. This is
> my first attempt at pointing out binNMUs, and I hope it there aren't
> many mistakes here; if there are, please forgive me and I'll learn
> from the mistake. The binNMUs are for all architectures, I guess.

> Here's the first batch:

> Due to libc-client2006j2 -> libc-client2007 in uw-imap:
> aolserver4-nsimap
> php5
> mailsync

Scheduled, thanks.

> asterisk (several other dependencies also missing?)

This doesn't need a binNMU, it was sourcefully uploaded and only mips and
sparc remain unbuilt at this time.

If you're going to be proposing binNMUs, it would be helpful if you would
look at the buildd states for the packages, or the BTS, first:

> Due to liberis-1.3.11 -> liberis:
> sear

http://buildd.debian.org/sear, FTBFS for months.

> Due to libglib1.2 -> libglib1.2ldbl:
> xmovie

http://buildd.debian.org/xmovie, FTBFS for months.

> libgwenhywfar38 -> libgwenhywfar47 in libgwenhywfar:
> libchipcard3

Thanks, scheduled.

> Due to libosip2:
> siproxd (I am _more_ unsure about this than the others)

http://buildd.debian.org/siproxd, another build failure on multiple archs.

> Due to libpetsc2.3.2 -> libpetsc2.3.3:
> illuminator

http://buildd.debian.org/illuminator, FTBFS for months.

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