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Re: Stable-proposed update of libchipcard2 (fixing #457412)

Micha Lenk wrote:
> Hi Release Managers,
> I propose an update of libchipcard2 in Debian Etch in order to fix bug
> #457412. You can find the output of command
> debdiff libchipcard2_2.1.9-2.dsc libchipcard2_2.1.9-3.dsc
> attached to this mail and online here:
> http://micha.lenk.info/debian/stable/debdiff_on_dscs_output.txt
> You can grab the source package here:
> http://micha.lenk.info/debian/stable/libchipcard2_2.1.9-3.dsc
> Please note that this upload also fixes the maintainer - unfortunately
> this change didn't made it into Etch. And according to luk it's going to
> be okay to change it in this update too.
> Where should I upload the updated package to?

Please upload to ftp-master like usual, mentioning 'stable' in the
changelog before building like you did will make sure it arrives in the
right queue.

> Will Debian Maintainer privileges be sufficient for this upload?

I doubt that it will as you are changing the Maintainer field, though
feel free to try and send feedback to the debian-maintainers maintainers :-)



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