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Re: apt transition - please bump urgency of libept

Frans Pop wrote:
> Hi,
> apt looks almost ready to transition with all that's related to it.
> Current blockers are (AFAICT):
> - python-apt: 9 of 10 days old
> - synaptic: 9 of 10 days old
> - libept: 1 of 10 days old + missing on 4 arches
> libept was uploaded yesterday with a minor (shlib deps) change to fix a bug 
> in the previous upload. If not for that, it would now be 7 days old.
> The new version has been built for all arches, just needs uploading for the 
> remaining 4.
> IMO libept could be bumped to at least urgency high, or maybe even critical, 
> so apt and friends get to testing (and we can finally upload a new 
> apt-setup for D-I which needs the updated apt in testing).

It's already bumped with urgency (2 days) by Steve ...



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