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apt transition - please bump urgency of libept


apt looks almost ready to transition with all that's related to it.

Current blockers are (AFAICT):
- python-apt: 9 of 10 days old
- synaptic: 9 of 10 days old
- libept: 1 of 10 days old + missing on 4 arches

libept was uploaded yesterday with a minor (shlib deps) change to fix a bug 
in the previous upload. If not for that, it would now be 7 days old.
The new version has been built for all arches, just needs uploading for the 
remaining 4.

IMO libept could be bumped to at least urgency high, or maybe even critical, 
so apt and friends get to testing (and we can finally upload a new 
apt-setup for D-I which needs the updated apt in testing).

CC'ing libept maintainer (hi Enrico) to get his take on this.


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