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rebuild of lenny


FYI, since we discussed this during the QA meeting: I just rebuilt all
packages in lenny. 226 packages are failing to build, which is a lot
better than in unstable.

I didn't find any particular transition that would help improve the
situation (which isn't that bad actually).

I've attached the list of failures. I don't plan to do anything about
them for now (like bug filing), since it seems too early to focus on
the few lenny-specific issues, and the other ones (those affecting
lenny+sid) are already filed thought my sid rebuilds.

| Lucas Nussbaum
| lucas@lucas-nussbaum.net   http://www.lucas-nussbaum.net/ |
| jabber: lucas@nussbaum.fr             GPG: 1024D/023B3F4F |
9base 1:2-7 Failed 40.098059s UNKNOWN
abakus 0.91-1 Failed 203.196519s UNKNOWN
ack-grep 1.68-2 Failed 37.308967s UNKNOWN
acl2 3.1-1 Failed 651.189182s UNKNOWN
anon-proxy 00.02.39-8.2 Failed 68.223663s GCC_ERROR
ant 1.7.0-3 Failed 140.625509s NO_SUCH_FILE
antlr 2.7.6-9 Failed 205.983143s NO_SUCH_FILE
aolserver4-nsimap 3.1-3 Failed 47.541531s LD_ERROR
apt-howto 2.0.2-2 Failed 508.371099s NO_SUCH_FILE
avifile 1: Failed 380.520303s GCC_ERROR
azureus Failed 119.241512s UNKNOWN
beagle 0.2.12-1 Failed 220.852644s UNKNOWN
beast 0.6.6-9 Failed 235.316714s UNKNOWN
bigloo 2.8c-6 Failed 118.886766s UNKNOWN
bluetooth-alsa 0.5cvs20070327-1 Failed 37.270612s UNKNOWN
bogl 0.1.18-1.5 Failed 34.770669s UNKNOWN
bzr-svn 0.4.4-1 Failed 56.262573s UNKNOWN
cameleon 1.9.18.svn20070918-1 Failed 18.241726s APT_GET_FAILED
commons-daemon 1.0.2~svn20061127-6 Failed 145.76051s UNKNOWN
console-setup 1.18 Failed 222.483345s NO_SUCH_FILE
coq 8.1.pl1+dfsg-1 Failed 193.732996s NO_SUCH_FILE
coq-float 1:8.1-1.0-3 Failed 42.22011s UNKNOWN
coreutils 5.97-5.3 Failed 139.94535s GCC_ERROR
cup 0.10k-6 Failed 114.77193s NO_SUCH_FILE
dag2html 1.01-2 Failed 28.623941s UNKNOWN
darcs-buildpackage 0.5.10 Failed 191.086921s NO_SUCH_FILE
db4.5 4.5.20-11 Failed 150.583931s UNKNOWN
db 4.6.21-4 Failed 142.569372s UNKNOWN
debian-installer 20070308 Failed 148.467556s PYTHON_TRACEBACK/NO_SUCH_FILE
dfsbuild 1.0.1 Failed 25.800026s APT_GET_FAILED
docbook-xsl-saxon 1.00.dfsg.1-1 Failed 118.347953s UNKNOWN
doctorj 5.0.0-4 Failed 112.628405s NO_SUCH_FILE
ebview 0.3.6-3 Failed 127.012728s GCC_ERROR
ekiga 2.0.3-6 Failed 189.737957s UNKNOWN
emile 0.10-1 Failed 22.210734s APT_GET_FAILED
epiphany-browser 2.14.3-6 Failed 320.398616s GCC_ERROR
epiphany-extensions Failed 283.404275s UNKNOWN
eric 3.9.5-1 Failed 80.405582s PYTHON_TRACEBACK
evolution 2.10.3-1 Failed 941.82137s GCC_ERROR
evolution-exchange 2.10.3.dfsg-1 Failed 293.045353s HEADER_NO_SUCH_FILE/NO_SUCH_FILE/GCC_ERROR
evolution-jescs 2.10.0-1 Failed 257.669806s GCC_ERROR
evolution-sharp 0.12.4-1 Failed 271.290716s UNKNOWN
extipl 5.04-2.1 Failed 38.673742s GCC_ERROR
fenix-plugins 0.0.20070803-2 Failed 20.047502s APT_GET_FAILED
flute-1.3-jfree 20061107-3 Failed 127.875987s UNKNOWN
flutejava 1.3-3 Failed 105.595464s NO_SUCH_FILE
foreign 0.8.23-1 Failed 88.255083s UNKNOWN
freehdl 0.0.4-1 Failed 535.927628s UNKNOWN
fslview 3.0+4.0.1-1 Failed 125.64948s UNKNOWN
f-spot 0.3.5-1.2 Failed 298.659942s COMPIL_FAILED
gabedit 2.0.11-1 Failed 167.466073s GCC_ERROR
galculator Failed 115.081921s GCC_ERROR
ganymed-ssh2 210-2 Failed 120.857413s UNKNOWN
gcc-4.0 4.0.4-1 Failed 121.027102s NO_SUCH_FILE
gcc-4.2 4.2.2-3 Failed 942.859153s LD_ERROR/NO_SUCH_FILE
gcj-4.1 4.1.2-16 Failed 1003.517504s NO_SUCH_FILE
gcj-4.2 4.2.1-5 Failed 216.898206s UNKNOWN
gdb 6.6.dfsg.90.20070912-1 Failed 207.706269s NO_SUCH_FILE
gdb-avr 6.4.90.dfsg-1 Failed 222.649278s UNKNOWN
gdb-m68hc1x 1:6.4+3.1+dfsg-1 Failed 297.588127s UNKNOWN
gdmap 0.7.5-2 Failed 112.183346s GCC_ERROR
ghc6 6.6.1-2 Failed 2049.651308s LD_ERROR/NO_SUCH_FILE
gnat-gdb 6.4+2006-2 Failed 94.651868s UNKNOWN
gnat-gps 4.0.1-5 Failed 1099.452576s UNKNOWN
gnome-applets 2.18.0-4 Failed 458.359281s GCC_ERROR
gnome-apt 0.4.9-3 Failed 219.904351s GCC_ERROR
gnome-main-menu 0.9.8.svn.20070430-1 Failed 220.52439s UNKNOWN
gnome-python-desktop 2.18.0-2 Failed 285.467944s GCC_ERROR
gnome-randr-applet 0.2-2 Failed 182.485556s GCC_ERROR
gnome-subtitles 0.6-3 Failed 145.778043s UNKNOWN
gnome-system-monitor 2.18.2-1 Failed 214.195946s GCC_ERROR
gnome-system-tools 2.14.0-3 Failed 200.470775s UNKNOWN
gnumail 1.2.0~pre2-1 Failed 70.685678s HEADER_NO_SUCH_FILE/NO_SUCH_FILE/GCC_ERROR
gnustep-netclasses 1.06.dfsg-3 Failed 47.441785s UNKNOWN
gprolog 1.2.18-17 Failed 365.785269s UNKNOWN
gst-plugins-good0.10 0.10.6-2 Failed 448.011845s GCC_ERROR
gtkrsync 1.0.1 Failed 25.190785s APT_GET_FAILED
gwget2 0.98.1-2 Failed 158.794705s HEADER_NO_SUCH_FILE/NO_SUCH_FILE/GCC_ERROR
happs 0.8.8+darcs20070523-2 Failed 48.588546s LD_ERROR
haskell-arrows 0.2.1-2 Failed 57.133482s LD_ERROR
haskell-binary 0.3-2 Failed 54.366858s LD_ERROR
haskell-cgi 3001.1.1-2 Failed 84.969262s LD_ERROR
haskell-hlist 2.0+darcs20070316-2 Failed 57.031362s LD_ERROR
haskell-xhtml 3000.0.2-2 Failed 53.792995s LD_ERROR
hat 2.05+rerolled-4 Failed 15.270417s APT_GET_FAILED
henplus 0.9.7.ds1-1 Failed 139.155226s UNKNOWN
hpodder 0.99.2 Failed 19.308822s APT_GET_FAILED
hsqldb Failed 106.668653s UNKNOWN
ifrench 1.4-20.1 Failed 19.148881s APT_GET_FAILED
ifrench-gut 1:1.0-19.1 Failed 20.160257s APT_GET_FAILED
infon 0~r198-2 Failed 78.560147s LD_ERROR
inkscape 0.45.1-1 Failed 1183.574209s UNKNOWN
installation-guide 20070319 Failed 994.413011s NO_SUCH_FILE
irssi-plugin-icq 0.2-3.1 Failed 52.914541s GCC_ERROR
ispell-et 1:20030606-6 Failed 13.812411s APT_GET_FAILED
jamvm 1.4.5-3 Failed 67.085615s UNKNOWN
janino 2.5.11-1 Failed 105.544434s UNKNOWN
javahelp2 2.0.05-1 Failed 149.900499s NO_SUCH_FILE
jbossas4 4.2.2.GA-1 Failed 20.473158s APT_GET_FAILED
jlex 1.2.6-3 Failed 104.421955s UNKNOWN
jmagick 6.2.6-0-1 Failed 153.886731s NO_SUCH_FILE
junit Failed 110.503064s NO_SUCH_FILE
kdebindings 4:3.5.7-1 Failed 485.598753s NO_SUCH_FILE
keepalived 1.1.12-1 Failed 46.123823s HEADER_NO_SUCH_FILE/NO_SUCH_FILE/GCC_ERROR
kvdr 0.64-5 Failed 191.438299s GCC_ERROR
kxstitch 0.7-2 Failed 214.400105s GCC_ERROR
lcdf-typetools 2.45-1 Failed 19.256182s APT_GET_FAILED
libclass-trait-perl 0.22-2 Failed 31.767464s UNKNOWN
libcommons-lang-java 2.3-2 Failed 51.958266s NO_SUCH_FILE/JAVA_TB
libcompizconfig 0.6.0-3 Failed 75.087057s UNKNOWN
libcsv-java 2.0-1 Failed 139.387311s NO_SUCH_FILE
libdatetime-format-strptime-perl 1.0700-1 Failed 38.631736s UNKNOWN
libdb4.3-ruby 0.5.8-1 Failed 57.140838s HEADER_NO_SUCH_FILE/NO_SUCH_FILE/GCC_ERROR
libdevel-repl-perl 1.001000-2 Failed 43.938601s UNKNOWN
libdevice-cdio-perl 0.2.4-2 Failed 52.324497s UNKNOWN
libemail-mime-modifier-perl 1.441-1 Failed 30.378509s UNKNOWN
libfwbuilder 2.1.8-1 Failed 102.307567s GCC_ERROR
libgcr410 2.4.0-6 Failed 41.731334s GCC_ERROR
libgearman-client-async-perl 0.94-1 Failed 36.243595s NO_SUCH_FILE
libgnucrypto-java 2.1.0-2 Failed 125.353479s UNKNOWN
libgnujaf-java 1.1.1-4 Failed 107.16966s UNKNOWN
libgtk2-perl 1:1.140-1 Failed 587.375933s UNKNOWN
libhtml-calendarmonth-perl 1.18-2 Failed 47.934849s UNKNOWN
libjakarta-poi-java 3.0.1.dfsg-1 Failed 148.659766s UNKNOWN
libjaxp1.2-java 1.2.01-2 Failed 127.958773s NO_SUCH_FILE
libjaxp1.3-java 1.3.04-2 Failed 121.911531s NO_SUCH_FILE
libjdom0-java 0.9b-3 Failed 122.289075s NO_SUCH_FILE
libmail-box-perl 2.076-1 Failed 21.686738s APT_GET_FAILED
libmatthew-java 0.4-1 Failed 143.742428s UNKNOWN
libmoose-perl 0.26-1 Failed 105.045029s UNKNOWN
libmoosex-getopt-perl 0.05-2 Failed 53.108552s UNKNOWN
libmoosex-object-pluggable-perl 0.0005-2 Failed 37.590715s UNKNOWN
libperl-critic-perl 1.061-1 Failed 48.773349s UNKNOWN
libperldoc-search-perl 0.01-1 Failed 32.476785s UNKNOWN
libpod-constants-perl 0.16-1 Failed 32.241562s UNKNOWN
libqdwizard-java 1.9-2 Failed 116.664739s UNKNOWN
libsapdbc-java 5567-1 Failed 129.132077s NO_SUCH_FILE
libsmbios 0.13.10-1 Failed 76.986615s UNKNOWN
libspiff 0.8.2-1 Failed 100.630558s UNKNOWN
libtest-base-perl 0.47-1 Failed 27.905171s UNKNOWN
libtm-perl 1.26-6 Failed 111.891731s UNKNOWN
libwww-mechanize-perl 1.30-2 Failed 75.720271s UNKNOWN
libwww-perl 5.805-1 Failed 19.836411s UNKNOWN
linux-kernel-di-i386-2.6 1.44 Failed 18.73822s APT_GET_FAILED
linux-modules-di-i386-2.6 1.03 Failed 19.985774s APT_GET_FAILED
linux-modules-extra-2.6 2.6.22-9 Failed 21.802826s APT_GET_FAILED
lock-keys-applet 1.0-8 Failed 177.539642s GCC_ERROR
lprng 3.8.28dfsg.1-1.1 Failed 20.621197s APT_GET_FAILED
lusernet.app 0.4.2-2 Failed 85.373221s HEADER_NO_SUCH_FILE/NO_SUCH_FILE/GCC_ERROR
m68k-vme-tftplilo 1.1.3-1 Failed 22.006597s APT_GET_FAILED
maint-guide 1.2.11 Failed 509.904644s NO_SUCH_FILE
matplotlib 0.90.1-2 Failed 153.979484s UNKNOWN
mingw32-binutils 2.17.50-20070129.1-1 Failed 74.427962s NO_SUCH_FILE
missinglib 0.4.10.debian-4 Failed 36.22601s NO_SUCH_FILE
muine 0.8.7-1.1 Failed 224.194061s GCC_ERROR
ncpfs 2.2.6-4 Failed 75.167575s NO_SUCH_FILE/GCC_ERROR
netatalk 2.0.3-4 Failed 19.431479s APT_GET_FAILED
nuapplet 2.0-2 Failed 150.260134s NO_SUCH_FILE
nxtvepg 2.7.6-1 Failed 63.936838s UNKNOWN
octaviz 0.4.5-4 Failed 110.478769s UNKNOWN
ohphone 1:1.4.5+20060204-2 Failed 86.963689s HEADER_NO_SUCH_FILE/NO_SUCH_FILE/GCC_ERROR
openam 1.1.18+20050304-3 Failed 89.465017s HEADER_NO_SUCH_FILE/NO_SUCH_FILE/GCC_ERROR
openbios-sparc 1.0~alpha2+20070816-1 Failed 28.857498s UNKNOWN
opensaml 1.1b-2 Failed 210.38998s GCC_ERROR
openser 1.2.2-2 Failed 269.157047s GCC_ERROR
palo 1.14 Failed 32.066761s UNKNOWN
pantomime 1.1.2.dfsg-9 Failed 46.612202s UNKNOWN
pantomime1.2 1.2.0~pre3+snap20071004+dfsg-1 Failed 39.120887s UNKNOWN
pdftk 1.40-2 Failed 97.681834s JAVA_TB
plplot 5.6.1-10 Failed 503.560405s UNKNOWN
polyxmass-bin 0.9.7-1 Failed 181.793432s GCC_ERROR
proxy-suite Failed 17.274411s APT_GET_FAILED
pstngw 1.3.1-7 Failed 79.201568s HEADER_NO_SUCH_FILE/NO_SUCH_FILE/GCC_ERROR
pynifti 0.20070425.1-1 Failed 66.183271s PYTHON_TRACEBACK/NO_SUCH_FILE
pysparse 1.0.1-1 Failed 88.781284s PYTHON_TRACEBACK
pytables 2.0.1-1 Failed 58.472649s UNKNOWN
python-axiom 0.5.26-1 Failed 257.367726s PYTHON_TRACEBACK
python-numpy 1:1.0.1-8 Failed 222.412761s LD_ERROR/NO_SUCH_FILE/GCC_ERROR
python-scipy 0.5.2-0.1 Failed 79.2968s PYTHON_TRACEBACK
rake 0.7.3-1 Failed 55.663328s UNKNOWN
rkward 0.4.2-2 Failed 265.144475s GCC_ERROR
rpy 1.0~rc3-1 Failed 389.130067s HEADER_NO_SUCH_FILE/NO_SUCH_FILE/GCC_ERROR
ruby-gnome2 0.15.0-1.1 Failed 20.008074s APT_GET_FAILED
rus-ispell 0.99g4-6 Failed 19.587366s APT_GET_FAILED
sacjava 1.3-1 Failed 102.329541s NO_SUCH_FILE
salliere 0.4-1 Failed 106.088381s UNKNOWN
sbcl 1: Failed 1015.891384s NO_SUCH_FILE
scala 2.5.0-1 Failed 8012.458282s UNKNOWN
scalable-cyrfonts 4.11 Failed 143.514639s NO_SUCH_FILE
screem 0.16.1-4.1 Failed 208.09863s NO_SUCH_FILE/GCC_ERROR
sdcc 2.6.0-5 Failed 12.183668s APT_GET_FAILED
seahorse 0.9.10-2 Failed 314.227197s UNKNOWN
shogun 0.4.0-2 Failed 504.232488s UNKNOWN
simulavr Failed 21.803214s APT_GET_FAILED
sqlrelay 1:0.38-3 Failed 401.138399s NO_SUCH_FILE
sqwebmail-de Failed 74.00295s UNKNOWN
stlport4.6 4.6.2-3 Failed 176.457365s GCC_ERROR
strace 4.5.14-2 Failed 40.20338s GCC_ERROR
subversion 1.4.4dfsg1-1 Failed 745.568086s UNKNOWN
svk 2.0.1-1 Failed 61.238577s UNKNOWN
swh-plugins 0.4.14-1.1 Failed 41.190152s UNKNOWN
swig1.3 1.3.31-1 Failed 19.15675s APT_GET_FAILED
sword 1.5.9-7 Failed 64.162827s NO_SUCH_FILE
swt-gtk 3.3.1-1 Failed 233.491651s UNKNOWN
tclex 1.2a1-11 Failed 33.634187s NO_SUCH_FILE
tetex-src 3.0.dfsg.2-1 Failed 21.722299s APT_GET_FAILED
tiemu 2.00-3 Failed 198.529741s GCC_ERROR
tiger 1:3.2.1-37 Failed 35.217606s UNKNOWN
tilp 6.80-4 Failed 134.363465s GCC_ERROR
tomboy 0.6.3-1 Failed 248.981844s COMPIL_FAILED
tse3 0.3.1-4 Failed 64.331204s GCC_ERROR
uriparser 0.6.0-1 Failed 73.607054s UNKNOWN
usplash 0.4-43-1 Failed 22.256663s APT_GET_FAILED
uswsusp 0.3~cvs20060928-7 Failed 44.06676s LD_ERROR/NO_SUCH_FILE
vat 4.0b2-15.2 Failed 53.258883s UNKNOWN
waili 19990723-17 Failed 359.58224s NO_SUCH_FILE/GCC_ERROR
why 2.04.dfsg-1 Failed 421.228556s UNKNOWN
win32-loader 0.6.0~pre3 Failed 76.444466s UNKNOWN
wmii 3.6~rc2+20070518-3 Failed 53.116125s GCC_ERROR
wmnut 0.62-1 Failed 59.512091s NO_SUCH_FILE/GCC_ERROR
xapian-omega 1.0.2-1 Failed 25.948335s UNKNOWN
xdx 2.2-1 Failed 119.331499s GCC_ERROR
xorg-server 2: Failed 273.964059s GCC_ERROR
xulrunner Failed 2363.84793s NO_SUCH_FILE
zsnes 1.510-1 Failed 93.76978s GCC_ERROR
zynaddsubfx 2.2.1-4 Failed 82.171874s UNKNOWN

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