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Re: please hint cdw

* Laszlo Boszormenyi [Mon, 13 Aug 2007 20:27:16 +0200]:

> Hi,

Hello Laszlo,

>  As cdw 0.3.1-2 is in the archive since 27 days, but can't enter into
> testing due to removed binaries, please hint it for transition.
> Removed binaries are gcdw as the GTK+ frontend removed and thus I didn't
> want to keep cdw-common either.

Maybe you *intended* to drop gcdw and cdw-common, but the last upload of
cdw (0.3.1-2) did include them. Once you fix that, there should not be
any need for a hint, once the stale binaries get removed from the archive 
(which will happen semi-automatically).


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