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Proposed release goal : icon caches


I would like to propose the following release goal for lenny: all
packages shipping icons in /usr/share/icons/$theme should update the
icon caches accordingly.

Icon caches help improving performance of the desktop. However, the icon
cache specification was made without much thought and doesn't cope with
package managers at all; this is why this wasn't done for etch. We need
to do it now, however, as many locally-installed applications or
packages are breaking users' systems by introducing icon caches that are
never expired.

The plan is currently as follows:
     1. Add a dh_icons script to debhelper. This was already done in
        version 5.0.51. This first version doesn't create icon caches
        but updated them if they already exist. This is what allows a
        smooth transition to the later case.
     2. Add support for dh_icons in cdbs' gnome.mk.
     3. BinNMU all GNOME packages using cdbs that ship icons in the
        "hicolor" or "gnome" themes.
     4. File bugs against all other packages that ship such icons.
     5. Wait for all packages to be updated, NMU if necessary.
     6. Update dh_icons to change its behaviour for packages shipping
        index.theme files: such packages will always generate the icon
        cache and have a dependency on libgtk2.0-bin.
     7. BinNMU gnome-icon-theme and hicolor-icon-theme.
     8. Update other icon theme packages to use dh_icons instead of
        currently generating the cache by hand.

Thoughts anyone?
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