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Proposed release goal: removal of wxwindows2.4


I would like to propose a new release goal: the removal of the outdated
wxwindows2.4 library.  Upstream as already released the 2.8 versions
which makes 2.4 unsupported.  WxWindows 2.4 also depends on GTK+ 1.2
which is outdated as well.

It sounds like a realistic goal to migrate affected packages to at least
WxWidgets 2.6 before Lenny is released.

On Sat, Jun 16, 2007 at 01:19:41AM +0200, Andreas Barth wrote:
>  * Each release goal must be associated with one or two single developer(s)
>    who should be able to give a status overview when the release team needs
>    that information.

I am willing to coordinate this effort.  An overview of the situation
can be found on Debian wiki:

>  * The (approximate) number of issues to be fixed needs to be identified
>    (and most of them should be ready to filed as bugs).

12 source packages currently needs one of the binary packages built from

>  * There needs to be a long-term strategy to fix all filed bugs. If
>    possible, all bugs should be filed with a patch or some instructions
>    how to solve the problem.

Some packages already works with a newer version of the library.

Some will need to be patched to work with the new API.  Coordination
with upstream or removal of obsolete packages will be needed.

>  * There needs to be a long-term strategy that prevents new occurences of
>    this issue.

Removal of wxwindows2.4 from the archive should prevent any new packages
from depending on it.

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