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preparing for python2.5 / python -dbg packages

The current python2.4 and python2.5 package in testing and unstable
are ready for the transition to python 2.5 as the default python
version.  However many packages still need updates for python 2.5,
either as a rebuild to build an extension module for 2.5, or to fix a
problem with python2.5. To ease the migration of these packages to
testing, these packages should be fixed first and migrate to testing
before we make python 2.5 the default python version. We still keep
support for python 2.4 in the archive, because some packages do not
work yet with 2.5 (zope2.x being the most important one).

There is no release date for python 2.6 yet.  Looking at release
intervals we may see a 2.6 release before the lenny release, but
looking at the speed that third party code is adopted for a new python
upstream release it seems to be unlikely to make 2.6 the default
python version for lenny.  Still hoping to drop support for 2.4 once a
zope2.x version supporting 2.5 is released...

Some python 2.5 compatibility patches can be found at
http://packages.qa.debian.org/<pkgsource> in the Ubuntu diff, if a fix
was applied in an upload to Ubuntu; in most cases I didn't file an
explicit bug in the BTS.  Please email me if you want help in
extracting/applying the patch for the Debian package.

Since sarge we do build pythonX.Y-dbg packages, which hold the python
interpreter build --with-pydebug.  Extensions need to be rebuilt to be
loadable with this debug build.  Some extension modules have been
rebuilt for Ubuntu feisty to support the debug interpreter
build. A short build description and a list of packages can be found
at [1]. I will file wishlist bug reports to package these for Debian
as well.


[1] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PyDbgBuilds

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