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Re: Debian release cycle for enterprise ?

On 2007-06-07 10:07, Frédéric PICA wrote:
> I want to use debian in a production environnement and I think
> this life time is to short.

I agree with you but see little chance that Debian will fix this.
Our 18 months target right now is a compromise, and those never suit

To support a release for 4-5 years, we would need substantially more
resources: people who backport security fixes and maintain the
archive, mirror operators who don't mind additional gigabytes,
package maintainers who don't mind cooperating on old packages, and
upstreams who are equally cooperative.

I am not saying your idea is bad, just that Debian can't do it.

However, since you're not the only one with such interests, I could
imagine a group forming to support e.g. etch for the next 4-5
years, backed by financial resources from the companies who are
interested in this. If I were you, I'd find similarly minded people
and pool resources.

But even though I said I agree, I don't think I'll join such an
endeavour since it would conflict directly with my activities as
developer of Debian unstable.

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