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Re: [OSRM] Upload of D-I packages

On Wed, May 30, 2007 at 02:02:36AM +0200, Frans Pop wrote:
> Note that there is more work to be done for the installer after this:
> - the kernel update for m68k was missing and could thus not yet be updated

m68k doesn't encode the ABI in the package name so this wasn't
accepted along with the rest. I've tagged it as OK from the SRM p-o-v,
now it just needs processing from aj.

> - after all udebs are in os-p-u, I will still need to build and upload D-I
>   itself and that will need BYHAND processing and some testing

Is there a maintained checklist of the things that need to happen
before 3.1r7? If so, we should also add the linux-latest
metapackages. These are part of the queued o-s-security update since
it also changes the ABI, but if that becomes a blocker for r7 I can do
a new set of uploads targeting oldstable.

fyi, the security update delay is currently only blocked because I'm
currently being trained on doing DSAs. jmm is starting me out with a
simple one which is nearly complete, then we plan to do the more
complicated kernel one next.

dann frazier

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