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[OSRM] Upload of D-I packages


I have just uploaded a first batch of packages for an update of Debian 
Installer in oldstable.

Kernel udeb updates for 2.6 based on the upload by Dann to oldstable:
- linux-kernel-di-hppa-2.6_1.1sarge3_source+hppa.changes
- linux-kernel-di-i386-2.6_1.02sarge5_source+i386.changes
- linux-kernel-di-ia64-2.6_1.1sarge3_source+ia64.changes
- linux-kernel-di-powerpc-2.6_0.78sarge3_source+powerpc.changes
- linux-kernel-di-sparc-2.6_0.05sarge3_source+sparc.changes

Changes needed because of the kernel ABI change:
- rootskel_1.10.3sarge1_i386.changes
- base-installer_1.13.4sarge3_i386.changes

Changes needed to properly support installing "oldstable"
- choose-mirror_1.07sarge1_i386.changes
- cdrom-detect_1.05sarge1_i386.changes
- iso-scan_1.04sarge1_i386.changes
- base-config_2.53.10.3_i386.changes

Note that the debdiffs of these are fairly large because supporting 
oldstable also meant that some strings and thus translations had to be 

Some other, relatively minor, pending changes I feel are worth including:
- partman-jfs_13sarge1_i386.changes
  Fix syntax error in script.
- prebaseconfig_1.07sarge1_i386.changes
  Security issue that was previously worked around in other packages.

Please get these udebs accepted and built. The kernel udebs will need NEW 

Note that there is more work to be done for the installer after this:
- the kernel update for m68k was missing and could thus not yet be updated
- after all udebs are in os-p-u, I will still need to build and upload D-I
  itself and that will need BYHAND processing and some testing


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