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[SRM] lifelines 3.0.50-2etch1 uploaded (r1) (was: Re: Permission to update lifelines in the next stable point release (4.0r1))

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On 05/21/2007 05:05 AM, Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw) wrote:
> 	Thanks Julien and Martin, sorry for the delay, the
> documentation bug take more time than I was expecting. :-)
> Anyway, I just uploaded 3.0.50-3, fixing three bugs:
>   * Changing docs/ll-reportmanual.xml and docs/ll-userguide.xml to fix
>     documentation build problems (Closes: #418347).
>   * lifelines-reports
>     - Adding a dependency to lifelines >= 3.0.50 to prevent file conflict.
>       (Closes: #405500).
>   * Updating French translation. Thanks to Bernard Adrian. (Closes: #356671).
> 	For the XMLs and the fr.po I added patches (pretty
> small) and for lifelines-reports I just added a Conflict.
> I tested on a chroot and the upgrade from Sarge seems to
> be fixed and I think I lost the dinstall.

	I uploaded a new version: 3.0.50-2etch1.

	I have a little doubt. Zobel pointed out changes in the diff
of config.sub and config.guess, the reason is a change in automake.
lifelines 3.0.50 was built with 1.9.5 (oldstable) while this new one
is build with automake 1.9.6 (stable), I'm not sure if I can still
build using oldstable automake or if it is OK to allow this new
version. Yes, it sucks, I know, I'm *really* sorry. :-(

	I double checked the diff, it is really only changes in the
generated file due to the automake (unless there is some black magic
with autoconf/automake), please, let me know if I can help or if
there is something I should change to add lifelines to r1.

	Thanks in advance.
	Kind regards,

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