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Re: [etch] RC bug in tetex-base will break upgrade to lenny

Frank Küster wrote:
> Otavio Salvador <otavio <at> debian.org> writes:
>> Frank Küster <frank <at> debian.org> writes:
> Sorry for the late answer, I'm not subscribed to -release and didn't see this
> follow-up.  Please Cc debian-tex-maint@l.d.o if you reply, I can't do that in
> the gmane interface.
>> Frank Küster <frank <at> debian.org> writes:
>>> The new tetex-base package for etch would differ only in the changelog
>>> and the postrm, which would lack these lines:
> [...]  
>>> Would you agree with such a fix?
>> I don't see this bug as a bug but as a feature. It's what purge is
>> suppose to do, if user don't want to have conffiles removed he/her
>> should remove the package, not purge.
> The point is that these files are now conffiles of a different package, which is
> broken if you purge tetex-base.  That's not a feature for sure, even if the
> packages are related somehow.
> The bug is also a problem for etch users who switch from tetex to texlive, but
> in this case it's less likely that they purge tetex-base.  The real problem
> comes when everyone is forced to do the switch in lenny.
> I'm grateful for the discussion, but I'd really like to hear from the official
> stable release managers, too.

Yes, this would be considered, please upload to proposed-updates.



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