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Re: [etch] RC bug in tetex-base will break upgrade to lenny

Frank Küster <frank@debian.org> writes:

> The new tetex-base package for etch would differ only in the changelog
> and the postrm, which would lack these lines:
>     for oldconffile in $UNUSED_CONFFILES $FORMER_UCF; do
>       newname=`get_newfilename $oldconffile`
>       remove_with_backups /etc/texmf/$newname
>     done
>     for oldconfdir in $UNUSED_CONFDIRS; do
>       rmdir /etc/texmf/$oldconfdir 2>/dev/null || true
>     done
> and (as you prefer) the variable and function declarations used
> therein (which make up about 85 of the 300 lines of the postrm).  
> Would you agree with such a fix?

I don't see this bug as a bug but as a feature. It's what purge is
suppose to do, if user don't want to have conffiles removed he/her
should remove the package, not purge.

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