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Re: Listing for release notes on DDP pages

On Wed, Apr 11, 2007 at 01:39:46PM +0200, Frans Pop wrote:
> At http://www.debian.org/doc/user-manuals#relnotes we currently have (the 
> bits between <<...>> are links):

> <snip>
> Debian Release Notes 
> This document contains information on what's new in the current Debian 
> GNU/Linux distribution and complete upgrading information for users of 
> older Debian releases. 

> Authors:  Adam Di Carlo, Bob Hilliard, Josip Rodin, Anne Bezemer
> Maintainer:  Rob Bradford
> Status:   Active work being done for Debian releases. Help is needed to
>           complete the `Split packages' section. Contact
>           debian-doc@lists.debian.org for more information.
>           Problems and patches should be reported as bugs against the
>           release-notes pseudo-package. 
> Availability:
>  - <<Released version>>
>  - Also available at ftp.debian.org:/debian/dists/stable/main/upgrade-*/ 
>  - <<Version being prepared for the next stable (in testing)>>
>  - Use <<CVS>> to download the SGML source text for <<release-notes>>.
> </snip>

> I'd like to propose the following changes:
> - Authors: add everybody listed as such in current version; I don't
>   feel it's necessary to indicate 'current' here.
> - Maintainer: remove; as this is not a package it does not really have a
>   single maintainer but more a teal of editors (listed in Authors).
> - Status: Rewrite first sentence to "Actively maintained for Debian
>   releases"; remove the bit about "Split packages".
> - Availability: remove the reference to ftp.d.o as we don't seem to
>   publish the RN there anymore (and personally I don't see any added
>   value in restoring that).

Sounds reasonable by me.

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