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Re: Bug#413469: ion3: The package is outdated

On 2007-03-09 15:40 +0100, Joey Schulze wrote:
> Please keep in mind that GNU/Linux distributors usually distribute a
> _stable_ version that is intended to be unchanged

Ion3 is _not stable_, yet. So-called "stable" distributions should 
not include unstable software. It places a great burden on the 
upstream to support unstable releases that pig-headed distributors
want to include in their static distributions, and that the lusers
will install. 

All the updates to "stable" software should also be included by 
distributions, since the updates will be critical. Debian's policy
is apparently to not fix software that segfaults when the user
tries to use it, since it's not a security update.

Debian sucks. Bigtime. And the only way to fix it, seems to be
to make software "non-free"; to force Debian to change their
broken policies, or maintain and support their own versions of
software. If Debian doesn't cooperate with the upstream and
provide versions that the upstream is willing to support, 
Debian can forget about the upstream giving a rat's ass about
Debian's policies and its users.


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