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Re: Bug#413469: ion3: The package is outdated

On Tue, 06 Mar 2007 16:52:16 +0100, Norbert Tretkowski wrote:

> > The package is outdated: please remove or upgrade, and keep
> > upgrading even after release of the new static (???stable???) Debian.
> > See <http://iki.fi/tuomov/b/archives/2007/03/03/T19_15_26/> for more
> > information.
> Upstream of the ion window manager doesn't want to have a development
> version in a stable release.

Although I appreciate Tuomo's work on ion3 I don't think it should be
his decision whether ion3 is included in Debian releases.
I'm tempted to tag 413469 and friends as unreproducible ;-)
> Please remove the packages ion3, ion3-scripts and ion3-mod-ionflux
> from etch.

Please keep the ion3 packages in etch, and Norbert: please continue
maintaining them as good as you've been doing this up to now!


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